Once again, UL brought together experts and stakeholders from around Europe and the U.S. to explore current and future issues of impact to all of us.

The 3rd annual UL European Fire Forum took place in Amsterdam from 14 to 15 of April 2015.
The event included educational presentations and panel discussions, as well as time for questions, dialogue and active discussions.

Third Annual UL European Fire Forum
Third Annual UL European Fire Forum: Guests, Speakers and UL attendees

This year´s event focussed on two special themes:

  • Tall Buildings/Timber Construction
  • Impact of Sustainability Efforts on a Changing Fire Environment.

UL experts and 11 guest speakers shared their knowledge on these topics. The topics were much appreciated by the large audience of 44 guests who shared their opinion from industry, manufacturer and fire research perspectives.

Guest Speakers Included:

Russ Sanders NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)
Sean de Crane Cleveland Division of Fire
Jens Stiegel Frankfurt am Main Fire and Rescue Services
Tobias Pflueger Frankfurt am Main Fire and Rescue Services
Joseph Su National Research Council Canada
Peter Holland UK Government Chief Fire & Rescue Adviser
Ricardo Weewer The Netherlands Fire Service Academy
Nick Tilley AIG
Lorraine Ross Intech Consulting
Mike Wallace UTC

Next year´s UL European Fire Forum will be held in Vienna to continue this important outreach to the region.