Anti-Counterfeiting efforts are critical to help ensure a safe market for both consumers and businesses. However, as these counterfeiting efforts grow more sophisticated, it is becoming more difficult to identify these products and prevent them from reaching the market. In 2015, the number of counterfeit goods seized by EU authorities increased 15% over the previous year, jumping to more than 5 million total units.

As a global safety expert and advocate, UL continues to fight these counterfeit products to help protect consumers and brands. Our Global Security and Brand Protection team works with organization throughout the EU and the world to catch counterfeiters, detain their products, and see that they are prosecuted as necessary.

At a European Parliament briefing, “Consumers and Businesses at Risk: Counterfeit Electrical Products Across Europe.” in March, we had the opportunity to discuss current and future anti-counterfeiting efforts with various experts, including a member of parliament and the Head of IPC3 Crime Unit at Europol. Together with these valuable partners, UL maintains its commitment to combat counterfeiting with education and enforcement.

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